Life Insurance Death Benefits Explained: What You Need to Know

Life insurance comes in many shapes and sizes, but if there’s one thing that all policies have in common, it’s the payout, frequently referred to as the death benefit. Whether you decide to opt for the simplicity of term life insurance or the extra security of whole or universal life coverage, the overarching purpose of […]

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life insurance tax deductible

Are Life Insurance Premiums Tax Deductible in 2021?

A common question I receive from my clients concerns the delicate relationship between their insurance premiums and taxation: is there any way they can pay less on insurance? Are insurance premiums tax-deductible in 2021? Are there any loopholes they should be using that they don’t know about? According to a study conducted by Value Penguin, […]

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10 Types of Insurance to Consider in 2021

If you’re anything like me, 2020 definitely got you thinking – there’s only so much we can control. I remember how serene I was last New Year’s Eve. So optimistic about this new, exhilarating decade that was about to begin at midnight. I had my eyes set on travelling, on growing my business, and on […]

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