Go Independent.

Do you research online or compare prices prior to a major purchase? Do you want to know you are making the “right” decision? Do you want to ask questions and speak to a “real” person? An independent agent can handle all of the above.

An independent agent is an insurance agent that writes policies with several different insurance companies. For instance, we offer Home and Auto insurance packages with Erie, Selective, Encompass, Nationwide, and Progressive. Insurance agents that sell policies exclusively with one insurance company are usually called captive agents. State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Farmers, and Farm Bureau utilize the captive agency system.

Why Go Independent?

  • OPTIONS, OPTIONS, OPTIONS: Independent agents can offer clients custom coverage with several different insurers. More options lead to broader coverage, cheaper prices, and time-savings.
  • TRUE PROFESSIONALS: Independent agencies are responsible for their own business practices, day-to-day operations, marketing material, and client acquisition. Nothing spoon-fed here!
  • KNOWLEDGE: By partnering with many different carriers, independent agents must know a vast array of policy forms, coverage options, billing systems, and claim protocol. Therefore, they tend to be much more in tune with the insurance industry as a whole.

At the end of the day, no two agencies are alike. We have been doing our own thing since 2001 and don’t plan on stopping. We take great pride in our “independence”!