The Quick Guide to Homeowners Insurance (Ebook)

There’s nothing quite as important as your home, now is there? At least, not when it comes to your possessions. A quality home insurance policy should be viewed as a mandatory extension of your property, one that at the very least gives you the peace of mind of knowing your humble abode will always be protected.

As an independent insurance agency in Franklin, Tennessee we came across our fair share of homeowners insurance questions throughout the years, so we mapped out this short (and sweet!) insurance guide to help you better understand your home insurance needs. As always, we believe that insurance know-how is a must if you’re looking to get the best coverage at the most competitive rates.

While we discussed several of these topics on our blog, we want to provide a better experience for our readers and decided to package everything up in a single, self-standing resource with an added layer of home insurance FAQ.

Our Quick Guide to Homeowners Insurance covers the following topics:

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Homeowners Insurance Basics

Maybe you just bought your first home, or maybe it’s been so long since you changed carriers that you forgot your insurance ABC – either way, rest assured, this section of the guide goes through the basics and answers questions such as: what is homeowners insurance and why do you need it? Does it come with deductibles? Is it mandatory in Tennessee? How much coverage do you need?

The Different Types of Homeowners Insurance in Tennessee

Reading about insurance perils or HO-3 policies can be a little confusing, so we made sure to properly cover homeowners insurance classifications, types of policies, and loss settlement options. Next time you assess your needs, you’ll know exactly what type of policy best suits them.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Not Cover?

Home insurance protection has its limits, and it’s best to know about them prior to making any claims on your policy – you know, a classic case of better safe than sorry. For example, did you know that most policies don’t cover flooding caused by external events? Or that bites from certain dog breeds are exempted from liability coverage? We discuss all of this (and more) in the guide.

When to Change Your Home Insurance Policy

Some people may be tempted to keep renewing the same policy from the same carrier over and over again – don’t be one of those people. Being proactive about your insurance needs will help you optimize your policy down the line, get massive discounts, and enjoy better coverage. A good rule of thumb is to start browsing the market for better protection a couple of months before your existing policy is scheduled to expire. More on this in the guide.

Homeowners Insurance FAQ

Last, but certainly not least, we discuss the most frequent home insurance questions Williams Insurance Group has received throughout the years. For example, have you ever wondered if a new home is cheaper to insure than an old one? Find out by checking our guide.

Enjoy your reading, and make sure to also check out our Quick Guide to Auto Insurance before you go.

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