The Quick Guide to Life Insurance (Ebook)

Life insurance can be a sensitive subject for some people – not many of us enjoy making plans for worst-case scenarios, let alone when these scenarios involve our departure. But this doesn’t change the fact that insurance remains one of the single, most useful financial tools you can have in your arsenal, and if you’re just starting a family, or have folks who depend on you financially, then we’re sorry to say – coverage is a must.

As independent insurance brokers, we’ve helped hundreds of families get the best life coverage from some of Tennessee’s most reputable carriers. Our clients helped us uncover a variety of questions and misconceptions about life insurance, and if you’re anything like them, we’re sure you have some of your own that prevent you from getting adequate protection.

This guide is designed to equip you with essential know-how surrounding permanent, term, and no-exam life insurance policies, life insurance rates and pay-outs, and more. We’re pretty confident that once you give it a read you’ll have a better understanding of key insurance concepts, which, in turn, will help you get better deals.

Our Quick Guide to Life Insurance covers the following topics:

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Life Insurance Basics

This section covers the most important information about life insurance coverage. You’ll learn what is a life insurance policy, what the main types of life coverage are, and how everything works.

Term Life Insurance 101

Term life insurance is a very simple, effective, and cheap policy that guarantees a payout if you pass away during a specific period of time. In the guide we discuss types of term insurance and how to gain access to high-quality term coverage.

Permanent Life Insurance 101

While term life insurance has become increasingly sought after in recent years, there is still something to be said about permanent insurance and the lifelong protection it ensures. This section covers important notions such as insurance cash value and policy loans, and goes through essential policies such as whole and universal life.

No-exam Life Insurance

No-exam insurance policies are valuable options for young people who are looking for speedy, simplified insurance solutions, and for older individuals whose health may not allow them to qualify for standard term or permanent coverage. We discuss the subject at length in the guide.

Understanding Life Insurance Rates

To estimate costs, insurance carriers use a rating system that takes into account health and lifestyle factors. By reading this section you’ll learn more about life insurance rating classes and discover the top 9 factors that affect premiums.

Death Benefits Explained

Unlike home and auto insurance policies, where the actual payouts are calculated after an insured event takes place, life insurance policies work the other way around: everything revolves around the death benefit. In the guide, we discuss life insurance death benefit settlement options and the steps you need to take in order to access a policy payout.

Life Insurance FAQ

Lastly, we cover some of the most common life insurance questions we received throughout the years.

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